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open day 2013

By Lesley | Published August 18th, 2013

A great day, thanks to all who attended, despite the squally weather: A bumper attendance raising £165 for the SSPCA on entry fees.

The Prize Draw has been done, albeit late Sunday, due to much busyness; all winners are as follows: (those of you who did not leave numbers please collect your prizes from the office, those who left numbers will be contacted this week):

1. Karen’s Mum: royal jelly cosmetics

2. Lillie: hug rug

3. Pink polo shirt: Siobhan

4. wine: Teresa

5. wine: Claire (number left)

6. planet spa: Tara Forbes (number left)

7. art desk: Rod

8. wine: Isobel

9. wine:

10. lush charity pot: Ellie B (MacPherson)

11. bubble time: Ailsa

12. Door stop: Lisa

13. Wine: Leanne

14. wine: Beth’s Granny

15. wine:Forbes ( number left)

16. wine: Eve

17. wine: Elaine ( number left)

18. wine: Dorothy

19. Whisky: Mr Cole ( number left)

20. hug blanket: Nicloa


Congratulations to all winners, but an especial huge thanks to all those who donated the prizes.

The draw for the Best Picture and the Entry draw will take place on Monday 26th August, by independent judges – it is the day of our next dressage league and we will have an independent judge to decide the winners: Prizes include own a pony days, lessons/treks, and pony rides.

Again, a huge thank you to all who helped out and attended, a fantastic day.

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open day 2013

By Lesley | Published August 17th, 2013

sorry everyone, I have been remiss in updating the website due working on a new website: too much tech!

The open Day is on the 17th, a Saturday for a change, please come and enjoy, weather will be fine, lots of things to do.