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At last we are beginning to feel that spring is on the way, with lighter nights and (occasionally!) warmer days, it is time to look forward to the summer activities.


The first on the agenda was our dressage to music competition which took place on Monday 28th March: Pam Millar kindly held a series of music clinics with the various competitors, and put music together to suit the individual horse/rider combination. Consequently, the standard was very high, with perfect timings and transitions.

Judge Liz Rushmer had a hard task and ultimately in the prelim test there was less than 4% between the competitors: Teresa Boag with Guinness took the red ribbon, scoring a creditable 71%, second with 70.5% was Kirsty Ure with her new horse Domino, third was Angie Chrichton with Magnus on 68.1%, and a very close fourth was Sophie Scott with her own pony Kelpie scoring 66.7%.

In the novice test proprietor Lesley was delighted when her young 5yo Friesian Gloria took first place with Louise Watt as rider, scoring a whopping 80.6%. Closely following on her heels was Michaela Watt riding Zeus with 73.3%. Louise took third riding her own horse Chia scoring 71.7% and Lucia Williamson’s first attempt at novice level scored 67.2% riding her own horse Shakira. Louise again performed, this time with Tullah and gained 62.8%.

Christina Sullivan took first in the intro with her horse Fred.

The musical dressage is usually only an annual event but partly due to the fantastic training session with Pam Millar and by popular demand, we are looking at incorporating at least two more music competitions this summer. If any ‘outsiders’ are interested in taking part please get in touch so  that schedules can be planned.

Our monthly leagues for dressage and jumping kick off from April, details to follow.

We have a new set of safety system jumps, poles and a water tray partly paid for by the fundraising activities. Lesley is also in the process of making new fillers including a hanging wall filler – that will be fun! It is hoped to purchase a set of arena board this year for outdoor dressage, but having a large indoor arena, as well as the usually inclement weather, it has never been a priority, other than as a training aid for those who go out to compete. we are also planning a new surface for the outdoor arena.

The treasure hunt is still a strong candidate for an activity this year, further details to follow. We are also considering doing ‘beach’ rides, which will involve taking horses to the beach, doing lots of splashing about and having a picnic. Again, anyone interested let us know so we can plan dates, etc.

Robbie, our young Highland, has settled in well and has been attending the Stonehaven Riding Club league dressage over the winter as part of his training. He has performed well mostly, with a small hiccup midwinter due to an abscess. He behaved and travelled well in the main, his worst fault has been breaking free of his trailer and going in search of the nearest patch of grass – typical Highland, always hungry! Thanks to the stewards for looking after him.

It is hoped Robbie will be in good tune for the NESHPES annual Spring performance show in April. Argenta ( part bred Highland and Foxy’s offspring) will also be attending, and as she has done well in the past two years it is hoped she will behave this year.

Foxy and Myrtle are now ‘retired’ from the riding school and live with Lesley C., but of course they are not really retired and Lesley has been taking them to Riding Club activities and training clinics, where they are both doing very well. We look forward to competing against them at NESHPES and of hearing of their future successes.


Sadly, we lost little Maddy in the winter, she is much missed by all – a tribute page is coming soon – anyone who has pictures please forward and we will include them.

We would like to include a ‘Friends of’ page on the website, so anyone who would like to send info/pics please do so.

If anyone has any suggestions for/comments on future activities we are happy to hear them, please get in touch.

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